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What is hot stone cooking?

Hot Stones Cooking is an age-old, communal European dining custom that has come alive around dinner tables everywhere! It is entertaining, fun, interactive, versatile and stress-free to use. It is perfect for dinner parties or for the Big Game because all of your guests can cook, sample and share food at their own pace... It allows for an on-table smorgasbord! Hot Stones are a unique and fun gift perfect for weddings, showers, Christmas, Valentines Day, house-warmings, or as the last piece you will need to turn your regular parties into extraordinary parties!

Hot Stones are a must-own for people who enjoy food and who love to entertain. One of the greatest benefits is that you, the host, are now free to socialize with your guests. Without Hot Stones you would be tied to the kitchen, stressing over dinner preparations and missing out on all the fun. With Hot Stone Cooking you can skip the stress and enjoy what's important: the dinner, the evening and your guests! Watch the video below to see how easy it is to entertain with a Hot Stone!

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